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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tiarenee-13911 10 / 10

Lots of Laughs and Great

I saw this movie at the Virginia Film Festival and absolutely loved it. I normally don't go watch a lot of comedies because I tend to think many of them are just too silly and unbelievable but this movie made me (and everyone else in the theater) laugh a lot. Rainn Wilson did an outstanding performance as the father as did Patricia Arquette as the mother. This movie brought back so many memories of life in the early eighties when things were much simpler and was full of laughs while still being totally believable. There was so much attention to detail I felt like I had been transported back in time. It was great seeing the awful clothes we wore, the tacky, awful household decor and the BAD HAIR! The movie kept moving and kept me constantly entertained. Permanent would make a great TV series. If it comes out in theaters in my area I will probably go see it again. It doesn't disappoint.

Reviewed by crockettandym 10 / 10

Permanent is a Sweet and Endearing Comedy!

Permanent is a enjoyable and sweet comedy about revolving around a pre-teen with the awkward name of Aurelie who is the new girl at her school in 1982 Virginia. Desperately trying to find a way to fit in, she asks her parents for a perm, a request she immediately regrets. The film also features Aurelie's parents, Jim (Rainn Wilson) and Jeanne (Patricia Arquette), two misplaced adults trying to find their place in the world. The film is very entertaining in depicting the family's misadventures with plenty of awkward but endearing moments. There are also great supporting characters. One of which who steals the show is Aurelie's no-nonsense, witty, and very pregnant teacher Mrs. Tripp (played by Abby Wathen). Wathen's characters is attempting to balance the stresses she is feeling in both the personal and professional aspects of her life, while giving us some of the film's best laughs in her attempts tame the pre-teens she is trying to educate. I highly recommend this film, it is for all of us who have made misplaced efforts in our desire to fit in.

Reviewed by departmentcoordinator 10 / 10

Really fun family comedy!

Such a fun movie! Reminded me of Little Miss Sunshine! Loved seeing Rainn Wilson as a family man, especially alongside Patricia Arquette (who I loved in Boyhood). Cool to see him flex his comedy muscles in a different way after such a great run as Dwight on The Office. Can't wait to take my niece -- even though it's set in the '80s, I'm sure she'll relate! So funny :)

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