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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by basakaker 10 / 10

The most beautiful movie ever

This is the best movie I've ever seen. I do not watch comedies or romantic cheap movies. I like the movies which tells the truth and about philosophy, sociology, world, etc. This is a film which gives the message with philosophy and shows sociological problems about world. Everyday thousands of people dies for the people who lives in luxury! Some people lives a very poor life for making more rich the richest people in the world! This movie says the truth! Just watch it and make your decision your self. This movie is the best movie I've ever seen. I say it again because it shows the truth!

Reviewed by dotbekker 10 / 10


As an African I found the movie a vivid display of the harshness and splendour of this abused continent. It highlighted the unselfish sacrifice that people make to alleviate the suffering of ordinary people and the heartache that so often follows in so many ways. I also found this to be one of Charlie Theron's most honest performances.

Reviewed by slhma-86182 9 / 10

Thought Provoking

First,let me respond to all the negative reviews of this film.Oh the self-righteousness! Oh the humanity! Yes,this movie is a love story that takes place in Africa amidst turmoil and terror,and yes-its the Africans who are the victims in this movie-not the "white saviors". It never claimed to be anything else. Before I review the actually film,I have to ask people who rated this movie negatively solely for its "white saviors of black people" premise; is it a crime for white people to go to Africa to try to help Africans and also fall in love with each other?In your outrage at believing this movie undermines the humanity of Africans, you strip the white characters of their humanity.I've fought racism all my life whenever the opportunity presented itself,and am a firm supporter of Black Lives Matter.Of course a non-black person cannot say they are anti-racism without immediately condemning themselves to scrutiny and "aha's!" from others.Skipping the am I racist rant,I just could not understand why just about everyone immediately condemned the white lovers/activists for daring to be in Africa to help refugees of war and audaciously fall in love. Should white people stay out of Africa? Yes if they are there to exploit.If they are there to help,then by all

The film is gorgeous.Charline steals the show once again. The brutality,horror and hellishness of what Africans face is not watered down,not reduced to art.It is full in your face truth.Its funny how people who hate the white activists also seem to ignore the horrors that Africans face in their desperate self righteousness. Throw the baby out with the bathwater I guess? This stunningly beautiful film will stay with me a long time,and I already know it belongs with my other favorites of this genre...which also received poor reviews for the white savior premise....Keys to the Kingdom and The Revenant.White people who bridged the gap between cultures and ethnicities rather than be hateful,violent and racist.These types of movies really tick people off.Tough.The world needs more bridges,less hate and condemnation. The Last Face is a precious gem for that reason...if you happen to go to Africa as an activist, and you want to make a difference in the lives of Africans who have suffered(often because of the west's exploitive racist ways) ...don't feel guilty ,even if you fall in love....

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