Gurdeep Kohli as  Ahilya Devi / Sethji
Ahilya Devi / Sethji Played by Gurdeep Kohli

Ahilya Devi is a calm and mamta swaroopi woman. She is the wife of Vinayak Rao the Seth Ji of Devasu. Due to a conspiracy Vinayak Rao was unable to come back to Devasu. Ahilya Devi had to take over as the new 'Sethji' of the village. She stood up to her new responsibilities and took care of her family and the village. Ahilya is addressed as Seth Ji by all, she is the epitome of justice for the villagers and they love & respect her for her decisions..

 as Pragati
Pragati Played by

Pragati is a modern day city girl with ambitions & positive approach towards life. She is a stunning girl who makes heads turn with her appearance. Baji is mesmerised with her. She comes to Devasu to find some answers, but eventually she falls in love with Bajirao and her life changes forever..

 as Devi
Devi Played by

Devi is a very cunning and sharp woman. She is living in sethji’s house for revenge as Sethji kicked her husband out of the house. She plots against Sethji’s family along with her husband..

 as Bajirao
Bajirao Played by

Bajirao the third son of Ahilya Devi and Vinayak Rao is a young, innocent and dynamic boy. He is very emotional and a lovable guy and isn’t exposed to the outer world. Baji Rao is passionate about every single thing in his life. He’s a wrestler, sometimes he sculpts statues following his imaginations. He shares a very strong bond with his mother. Baji Rao falls in love with a city girl named Pragati after which his life changes in a dramatic way..

 as Naagesh
Naagesh Played by

Naagesh is the head of another village called "Amraad"; he is the rival of Sethji. He is sly, tricky, manipulative and highly ambitious. He wants to acquire the whole land and natural resources of Devasu for his own greed. Though he is afraid of Sethji he still creates problems for her..